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Stilts Installoo »Consumer-Line«

Stilts Consumer-Line Size M Size L Size XL
Increased scale 38-58 cm 45-75 cm 60-100 cm
Capacity 105 kg 105 kg 105 kg
Height adjustment in steps 5 7 9
Weight per pair 5,8 kg 6,2 kg 7,0 kg
Feet safety buckles
Calf safety buckles
Universal shoe size
Spring mechanism
Rubber soles
Price 159,00  129,00  199,00  169,00  229,00  199,00 
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Do It Yourself:

Three words that are usually associated with a lot of energy and time – whether it comes to home improvement or home gardeners. This need not be so, because with the stilts from our “consumer line”, you can now work even better and faster than many professional craftsmen who relies more on his old, dusty head.

What is the great advantage of our Consumer Line stilts?

You can move as flexible as your own two feet, but easily get to all places that you normally only reach with a ladder, for example, at the ceiling or at the top of the garden hedge. And as you probably know, the Afterward hauling a ladder is quite tedious and time consuming. In this sense: Sell your head at a garage sale and put the future of the consumer line of high quality aluminum stilts.

The stilts are “consumer line” is available in three different sizes. This has nothing to do with your shoe size, because the stilts are each suitable for all shoe sizes. What stilts you need depends entirely on how much you want out – that is how tall you are and how high your ceiling or hedge is:

  • Size M: Size profit of 38-58 cm (adjustable in 5 steps)
  • Size L: Size profit of 45-75 cm (adjustable in 7 steps)
  • Size XL: Size profit of 60-100 cm (adjustable in 9 steps)

The stilts »Consumer Line” are suitable for:

DIY: dress painting, ceiling, lamps fit, Changing bulbs etc.
Home Gardener: cutting hedges, trim trees, picking fruit, etc.
Sport & Fun:Some of our customers use the stilts »Consumer Line” also sport or during leisure time for amateur artists.

Tip: If you’re thinking: “That’s not for me, I never learn” – then you can convince them otherwise: Walking on stilts is our easy to learn and experience, in about 5 to 15 minutes.

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