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Stilts »Installoo Skywalker« Size M

SKU: 50

459,00  429,00 

Sie sparen 7%!

Delivery time: 3-4 work days working days

Perfect workmanship and high flexibility. Optimized for use in home improvement or even for use in art and artistry.

Characteristics of Stilts »Installoo Skywalker M«:

  • Size gain of 42-60 cm (adjustable in 9 steps)
  • Ultralight: Only 8,16 kg per pair
  • Carry up to 105 kg
  • Suitable for all shoe sizes
  • Of course, including instruction manual in English
Body height is mandatory! (100cm - 240cm)
Body weight is mandatory! (30kg - 200kg)
Room height is mandatory! (200cm - 500cm)
Workingtime is mandatory! (1h - 24h)


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