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Work safety

The use of stilts on construction sites is allowed in the EU – other assertions are simply false! We live in a free country; everyone can “do what he wants”.

However, the following safety guidelines apply:

  • Only light works are to be performed with work stilts and when a dry and non-slip floor surface is present.
  • Workman stilts are only to be used on even floor surfaces that contain no openings or holes.
  • The floor surface must be free of obstacles.
  • Use on scaffolding, ladders and stairs is not permitted.
  • Wall openings are to be secured against things falling out.
  • A sufficiently high delivery table must be available for picking up and putting down tools/materials.
  • Another assistant not wearing stilts must always be present on the work site.
  • The user alone is responsible for the secure use of the stilts in accordance with the guidelines., Stelzen- Shop UG (limited liability) assumes no liability for consequences of any kind for the incorrect use of the stilts or use contrary to regulations. Relevant guidelines and workplace directives are to be observed as a basic principle! Should you still have any questions, please call us.

Right to return for companies – applies only for TÜV examined stilts

You can send back your order within 14 days of delivery receipt to:

Stelzen- Shop UG (limited liability)
Paul-Padua-Str. 1
94333 Geiselhöring.

If you exercise your right to return within 14 days of receipt of the goods, the purchasing agreement is void. In case of return, we reimburse you for payments already effected after the delivered goods are sent back.

In case of damage due to improper handling or inadequate packing when sending back, we reserve the right to validate compensation claims. This does not apply if the degradation of the goods is reduced exclusively to its inspection – as would have been customary in the shop. Usually, you can avoid the obligation to pay compensation to the value by not utilising the goods as an owner and refraining from everything that affects their value.


The guarantee accounts for all stilts without TÜV examination for 24 months for private customers and 12 months for commercial customers.

The guarantee accounts for all stilts with TÜV examination for 36 months. It is required to carry out an annual maintenance service on the stilts. Should this service not take place, the guarantee regulations for stilts without TÜV apply.

Are there lighter stilts too?

The workman stilts are very robust and resilient. Nevertheless we are continually developing them further. A reduction in weight by using magnesium would be possible. These stilts are generally painted in colour. However, we reject the use of magnesium. Should the colour layer be damaged, it must immediately be repaired. Otherwise, the magnesium corrodes very quickly and the stability and safety of the work stilts may possibly be compromised.


The price applies to a complete pair of stilts including rubber soles.


You will receive an invoice with VAT declared. If you are located in another EU member state, and communicate your VAT ID number to us, a delivery without VAT is possible.

Replacement parts/service                   

You can find an offer for replacement parts and services in our shop.

Operating instructions

Enclosed in your local language.

What is a TÜV examination?

The name TÜV stands for the German for technical monitoring organisation. It performs technical safety checks.
“TÜV examined” is colloquially a “quality seal” for technical inspections by a TÜV company and now enjoys a high reputation worldwide for neutrality and general knowledge.

I have a VAT ID. Could you deliver without German VAT?

Yes, that is not a problem. You must simply communicate your VAT ID to us as we are obligated to check it.